Ishwardeen Bhagwat Singh Mahavidyalay

ईश्वरदीन भगवत सिंह महाविद्यालय

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[ Iswardeen Bhagvat Singh Mahavidyalay ]


  •   Admission Start :- 1 JULY 2018-30 SEPTEMBER 2018
  •   Courses:- B.A.(Art) , B.Sc.(Science)
  •   Maharshi dayanand university

Iswardeen bhagwat singh mahavidyalaya Fatepur was established in 2013. It is affiliated to Allahabad State university & Rajarshi Tandon Open University . It offers B.A,,,,BCA programme . The college has well qualified teaching staff having good experience in the field of education. It also provides support services like library, computer laboratory, gym, common hall, indoor-outdoor sports facility and medical facility.

The college organize various programs/co-curriculum activities such as, affiliated to Maharshi Dayanand University Yoga bodies classes and sports activities which will helps the students to recognize their potentialities for the creation of modern society and to become the participants in nation’s progress.

Vision & Mission

The motto of the college is maritum ethicus i.e. merit with ethics. Social, regional, territorial, geographical, racial and cultural boundaries no longer hold relevance in the present scenario. Merit in human beings without ethics turns him into a wild beast. Merit and ethics are the two pillars upon which the foundation of the academic programmes of the College rests. The academic programmes of the college have been designed to ensure dynamic, interactive,