Ishwardeen Bhagwat Singh Mahavidyalay

ईश्वरदीन भगवत सिंह महाविद्यालय

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[ Iswardeen Bhagwat Singh Mahavidyalay Yoga ]


  •   Admission Start :- 1 JULY 2018-30 SEPTEMBER 2018
  •   Courses:- B.A.(Art) , B.Sc.(Science)
  •   Maharshi dayanand university

One years Yoga Teacher Training program provided by Iswardeen Bhagat Singh Mahavidyalay Affiliated to Maharshi Dayanand University & Rajshree Tandon University., lasting foundation for all the student who have recently begun their journey as an aspiring yogi. The program develops the skills of its students for deeper self practice and also prepares them for attaining advanced level of yoga practice and knowledge. A person who is passionate about learning the art form of Yoga and desires to become a learned yoga teacher is eligible to apply for this program. Whether a student is at beginner level or they are merely looking to refurbish their yogic skills, the curriculum of one years Yoga is the perfect way to go.


   Diploma in yoga education (D.Y.Ed.)

   Post Graduate diploma in education (P.G.D.Y.Ed)

   Diploma in yoga teacher training (D.Y.T.T.C)

  • Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga.
  • Traditional and Classical Hatha Yoga.
  • Primary Stage Kundalini Yoga and its preparations.
  • External Pranayama Series up to 2 variations.
  • Yoga-Nidra Basic Series up to 4 levels.
  • Meditation and its Practices.
  • Mantra Yoga and its Vibrations
  • Mudras-Gestures.
  • Levels of Concentrations and its Refinements.
  • Anatomy & Psychological study of Inhalation and Exhalation.
  • Kumbhaka (Retention) and Pause less or Continuous Breathings.
  • Shat-kriyas (Cleansing) and other related therapies.
  • Humor therapy.
  • Transformational Yoga and its practices.
  • Introduction to Yoga Sutras, Shiva Sutras, Kama Sutras and Bhakti Sutras.